Manufacturing Outsourcing Factory Selection

NordaChem has about three thousand-square-foot production facilities across Mainland China. We either directly own these assets or take significant stake through joint-venture. We have a strong network of manufactures. We have excellent safety tracking records and established outstanding quality control systems, which are all ISO9002 certified. Each facility has its unique production system for some special product categories. They not only support our own product lines, but also are flexible enough to meet the needs of our clients who want to outsource their manufacturing practices.

In the past couple of years, we have expanded our manufacturing outsourcing business at an accelerating pace. Many product developers around the world inspect our facilities each year for their potential outsourcing projects. Every outsourcing project we took is under either U.S or EU Properties protection Law. We have acquired excellent reputation on the properties rights protection in the industry despite the fact that some people have bad impression of China manufacturers on this issue. For every outsourcing project, our professionals and engineers provide our clients a wide range of factory selections and evaluation reports for each facility. Only the best fit will survive our strict screening process.

We believe outsourcing business is a thriving business, in which we are becoming a major player.

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