Product Development Quality Assurance

Norda Chem is the primary sponsor for two outstanding research groups. One is from Zhengjiang University and another from Tianjin University. Both of them are Top tier universities in China, especially on Chemistry and Chemical engineering fields. All researches are guided by extremely experienced professors and engineers. Product development labs are full of talent and energetic people who graduated from these top universities with Master or PhD degrees on related areas. We established the strong relationship with some Fortune 500 companies such as BASF and Clarion. Product Development services dramatically help our clients cut their product development cost and shorten development cycle.

Jago Link spends tremendous effort to establish Quality Assurance system. We have one advance quality testing lab located at Tianjin international commercial trade zone. Millions dollars Investment we made on the various testing instruments provides guarantee on our product quality. The Lab receives thousands of samples per week not only from our own manufacturing facilities and production development labs, but also from clients who take advantage of our facilities. We provide a third-part quality certification services for overseas importers and manufacturing outsourcers. We are proud of ourselves to maintain integrity on this important link of supply chain.

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