Disperse Dyes with High Washing Fastness
    Disperse Yellow XF
    Disperse Rubine XF
    Disperse Blue XF
    Disperse Navy XF
    Disperse Black XF

    Disperse Brill Red CBN-SF
    Disperse Brill Red SF
    Disperse Crimson SF
    Disperse Brill Scarlet SF

    Disperse Yellow W-6GS
    Disperse G/Yellow W-3R
    Disperse Red W-RS
    Disperse Red W-4BS
    Disperse Blue W-BLS
    Disperse Navy W-RS
    Disperse Black W-NS

    Disperse Red WW-DS
    Disperse Red WW-3BS
    Disperse Red WW-FS
    Disperse Blue WW-2GS
    Disperse Navy WW-FS
    Disperse Black WW-KSN

    Fluor.Yellow 10GN 400% (Y 184:1)
    Fluor.Yellow 8GFF 100%  (Y 82)
    Fluor.Orange 2GFL 100%
    Fluor.Red G 100%             (R 277)
    Fluor.Pink BG 100%          (R 362)
    Fluor.Red 5B 100%           (R 364)
    Fluor.Pink FBS 100%
    Fluor.Green 5G 100%
    Fluor.Brill Blue S-R 300% (B 354)

Disperse Dyes for Acetate Fibre
    Disperse Yellow G 100%  (Y 3)
    Disperse Orange G 100%(O 3)
    Disperse Scarlet B 100% (R 1)
    Disperse Red 2B 200%    (R 13)
    Disperse Red 2G 200%    (R 17)
    Disperse Violet 2R 200%  (V 1)
    Disperse Blue FFR 100% (B 3)

Disperse Dyes with High Washing Fastness for Polyester/Spandex Blends
  Brilliant Tricolors
    Disperse Yellow WPS-GG
    Disperse Red WPS-3 / WPS-26
    Disperse Blue WPS-BB
  Dark Tricolors
    Disperse Orange WPS
    Disperse Rubine WPS / Red WPS-26
    Disperse Navy WPS
  Expanded Colors
    Disperse Flavine WPS
    Disperse Scarlet WPS
    Disperse Turquoise WPS
    Disperse Black WPS-G
    Disperse Black WPS-R

Disperse Dyes for Printing
    Disperse Yellow 114 (Brilliant Yellow)
    Disperse Orange 73 (Golden Yellow)
    Disperse Red 92        (Pink)
    Disperse Red 177     (Pure Red)
    Disperse Orange 30 (Yellow Brown)
    Disperse Blue 60      (Turq. Blue)
    Disperse Blue 73      (Royal Blue)
    Disperse Blue 79      (Navy Blue)
    Disperse Black GI     (Black)

Disperse Dyes for DISCHARGE Printing
    Disperse Yellow 79 (Brill Yellow)
    Disperse Red 153   (Brill Yellowish Red)
    Disperse Red 152   (Brill Red)
    Disperse Red 179   (Reddish Violet)
    Disperse Violet 33  (Reddish Violet)
    Disperse Blue 102  (Blue)
    Disperse Blue 106  (Reddish Blue)
    Disperse Green 9    (Green)
    Disperse Black 9    (Bluish Black)

CLASSIS Disperse Dyes

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