BASIC DYES are now mainly used in PAPER and INKS, also used in SILK 
                             because of beautiful Colours on Silk.

      Auramine O                 (Basic Yellow 2)
      Chrysoidine                 (Basic Orange 2)
      Rhodamine 6GDN       (Basic Red1)
      Rhodamine 6GD          (Basic Red 1:1)
      Methyl Violet 2B          (Basic Violet 1)
      Methyl Violet 5BN       (Basic Violet 3)
      Rhodamine B               (Basic VIolet 10)
      Rhodamine BL            (Basic Violet 11)
      Rhodamine 3B            (Basic Violet 11:1)
      Magenta                       (Basic Violet 14)
      Malachite Green        (Basic Green 4)
      Victoria BLue BO      (Basic BLue 7)
      Methylene BLue BB  (Basic Blue 9)
      Victoria Blue R           (Basic BLue 11)
      Victoria Blue B           (Basic Blue 26)
      Bismark Brown G     (Basic Brown 1)
      Bismark Brown R     (Basic Brown 4)

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