NORDACHEM's PIGMENT DISPERSION is employed widely in paper industry. This series is stabilized with non-ionic and/or anionic surfactants with high pigment concentration. Its shade, color strength and rheology are within tight control with no harzardous heavy metals and other impurities which are harmful to people and environments. Violet and Blue Pigment Dispersion are also suitable for BRIGHTENING Paper to replace OPTICAL BRIGHTENERs and BLUE DYES. Main application is to whiten quality paper with following performances:
       1. Good adhesion, easily absorbed into fibers of paper pulp, yield of colors are very high. Can be dosed at any ratio according to requirement of paper shades to achieve maximum whitening effect.
        2. Good thermal stability with more than 200deg.c
        3. Good acid & alkali and chemical resistance. Receive no influence during change of PH value or chemicals within paper pulp.
         4. Good light and weather fastness and slow yellowing effect of paper due to its oxidation of lignose.
          5. They are suitable for tinting high-white paper both in paper pulp and paper coating. While color looks purer, better and smooth when they are used.
           6. They are good in flow, pumpable, could be dosed by computer system. Customer can mix these two dispersions at any ratio in order to match desired colors.

For details, pls check the below attachment:
                                            PIGMENT PASTE for PAPER.xls

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